Joseph Marioni
Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), 1943
Vive e lavora a New York e Tamaqa (PA) / Lives and works in New York City and Tamaqua, PA.

Gallery Exhibitions

2018Liquid Light, Museum Wiesbaden, Germany
2016Liquid Light, Twelve Paintings 2000 -2015, Museum of Art Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2016Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea - Milano, Italy
2016Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea - Milano, Italy
2015Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
2014Kunstveriein Friedrichshafen - Friedrichshafen, Germany
2013Museum Gegenstandsfreier Kunst - Ottendorf, Germany 
2013Galerie Mark Muller - Zurich Switzerland 
2013David Pestorius Projects - Brisbane Australia
2011Hengesbach Gallery - Berlin, Germany 
2011Galerie Mark Muller - Zurich, Switzerland 
2011The Phillips Collection - Washington, DC 
2009Art|40|Basel-ART | Unlimited Project - Basel Switzerland 
2008The McNay Art Museum - San Antonio, TX 
2007Wade Wilson Art - Houston, TX
2007Art Gallery - Univ. of Mass., Dartmouth-MA 
2006Peter Blum Chelsea - New York, NY 
2006Galerie Rolf Hengesbach - Cologne, Germany 
2005Galerie Xippas - Paris, France 
2005Galerie Mark Muller - Zürich, Switzerland 
2004Larry Becker Contemporary Art - Philadelphia. , PA 
2003Chac-Mool Gallery - Los Angeles, California 
2003Amarillo Museum of Art - Amarillo, Texas 
2002Howard Yezerski Gallery - Boston, Massachusetts 
2001Raum Für Kunst - Munich, Germany 
2001Patricia Sweetow Gallery - San Francisco, California 
2001Galerie Mark Müller - Zürich, Switzerland 
2000Brisbane Art Museum - Brisbane, Australia
1999Jackson Fine Art - Santa Fe, New Mexico 
1999Galerij S65 - Aalst, Belgium Charlotte 
1999Kolumba Museum - Cologne, Germany 
1999Columbus Museum of Art Columbus, Ohio 
1998Galerie Mark Muller - Zürich, Switzerland 
1998Rose Art Museum - Waltham, Massachusetts 
1998Peter Blum Gallery - New York, New York
1997Charlotte Jackson Fine Art - Santa Fe, New Mexico 
1996Peter Blum Gallery - New York, New York 
1996Howard Yezerski Gallery - Boston, Massachusetts 
1996Kunstmuseum St. Gallen - St. Gallen, Switzerland
1996Wiener Secession - Vienna, Austria 
1995Galerie Mark Muller - Zurich, Switzerland
1995Galerie nachst St. Stephan - Vienna, Austria
1995Kunsthalle Baden-Baden - Baden-Baden, Germany 
1994Galerij S65 - Aalst, Belgium 
1993Kunstverein Luneburg - Luneburg, Germany 
1993Kunsthalle Winterthur - Winterthur, Switzerland
1992Galerie Rolf Ricke - Cologne, Germany 
1992Galerie Buchmann - Basel, Switzerland 
1991Galerij S65 - Aalst, Belgium 
1991Galerie Mark Muller - Zurich, Switzerland 
1990Galerie Rolfe Ricke - Cologne, West Germany 
1990Laure Genillard Gallery - London, England
1989Galerij S65 - Aalst, Belgium 
1988Galerie Rupert Walster - Munich, West Germany 
1988Lorence-Monk Gallery - New York, New York 
1988Museum Abteiburg - Monchengladbach, West Germany
1987Galerie Rolfe Ricke - Cologne, West Germany
1986The Clocktower - New York, New York 
1985Grittins Gallery - Salt Lake City, Utah 
1984Raum fur Malerei - Cologne, West Germany 
1983Galerie Rupert Walser - Munich, West Germany 
1982Raum fur Malerei - Cologne, West Germany 
1981Galerie Nordenhake - Malmo, Sweden 
1981Cerf Gallery - San Francisco, California 
1975Artists Space / Selected by Brice Marden - New York, NY 

2014MONOCROME - A Baronian - Brussels, Belgium
2013Reason and Belonging - Kunstgalerie Bonn - Bonn, Germany 
2013Marioni / MacPherson - UQ Art Museum - Queensland, Australia 
2012Marioni- Toenges- Tollens - Larry Becker Contemporary Art -Philadelphia, PA 
2012BMA Contemporary Wing - Baltimore Museum of Art -Baltimore MD 
2011The Long Curve: 150 Years of Visionary Collecting - Albright Knox Art Gallery
2011Color in Flux: Exh. On the occasion of the 20 anniversary Weserburg th Weserburg|Museum of Modern Art Bremen, Germany 
2011Abstract Now – BAM/PFA Berkeley,CA 
2010Alberto Giacometti - The Origin of Space – Kunstmusem Wolfsburg, Germany 
2010Noli me tangere - KOLUMBA Cologne, Germany 
2010Painting: Process and Expansion From the 1950's till Now – MUMOK Vienna, Austria 
2008Monochrome Paintings Zépmúvészeti Múzeum / Museum of Fine Arts - Budapest, Hungary 
2008Against the Grain – 15 years Collection – Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg , Germany 
2008Extreme Possibilities | New Modernist Paradigms - The Painting Center NY, NY 
2008Weight Watchers - Galerie Xippas - Paris, France 2009 
2008There is Desire Left (Knock, Knock) Kunstmuseum Bern & Museum Wiesbaden 
2007Painting Painting- Intl. Monochrome Paintings Vass Collection - Veszprém, Hungary Kunstmuseum 
2007Paragons: New Abstraction from Albright-Knox Art Collection - Doris McCarthy Gallery University of Toronto - Toronto, Canada 
2007Japan and the West – The Fulfilled Emptiness - Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg - Wolfsburg, Germany 
2007des Erzbistums Köln - KOLUMBA Museum - Cologne, Germany 
2006Contemporary Masterworks: St. Louis Collects - Contemporary Art Museum - St. Louis, MO 
2005The Natalie and Irving Forman Collection - Albright-Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo, NY 
2004Die Farbe Hat Mich ll [ nich nur rot] - Karl Ernst Oshaus-Museums - Hagen, Germany 
2004Monocromos - Variaclones - Sobre El Tema - Reina Sofia - Madrid, Spain 
2003Blanc de Blanc - Galerie Xippas - Paris, France 
2003Seeing Red - Hunter College Art Galleries - New York, New York 
2003The Spirit of White - Galerie Beyeler - Basel, Switzerland 
2002Impressions — Art For The Tropical Forest - Galerie Beyeler - Basel, Switzerland 
2002- Larry Becker Cont. Art - Philadelphia, PA Claude Monet ...up to digital impressionism - Fondation Beyeler - Basel, Switzerland 
2002Joseph Marioni / Robert Ryman / John Zurrier 
2002Some Chromes - Fogg Art Museum - Cambridge, Massachusetts 
2001Appleton Museum of Art - Ocala, FL 
2001Minimal and Conceptual Art - Rose Art Museum - Waltham, Massachusetts 
2001Gerhard Richter, Joseph Marioni, Yves Klein - Art Gallery of New South Wales - Australia 
2001The Pleasures of Sight, States of Being, & Freeing Experience - Museum of Fine Art - Tallahassee, FL - 
2001Classics now - Galerie Beyeler – Basel, Switzerland 
2001Monet And Modernism - Hypo-Kunsthalle Münich - Munich, Germany
2001Joseph Marioni/Gerhard Richer: The Flatness of Painting - Galerie 20-21 Essen 
2000Minimalism: Then & Now - Berkeley Art Museum - Berkeley, California 
2000Whitney Biennial 2000 - Whitney Museum of American Art - New York, New York 
1999Die Farbe (Rot) hat mich - Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum - Hagen, Germany
1999Color-Based Painting - High Modernism Patricia Sweetow Gallery - San Francisco, CA 
1998Undercurrents and Overtones - C.C.A.C Lawrence Rinder, Curator - Berkeley, California 
1996Ceremonial / Barry Schwabsky, Curator - Deichtorhallen - Hamburg, Germany 
1996In Quest of the Absolute - Peter Blum Gallery - New York, New York 
1996Colour and Paint - Kunstmuseum St.Gallen - St. Galen, Switzerland 
1994Die Erste Sammlung -Akademie der bildenden Kunste - Vienna, Austria 
1993Der zerbrochene Spiegel / The Broken Mirror - Kunsthalle - Vienna, Austria 
1992Slow Art - Painting in New York Now - Inst. for Cont. Art - P.S. 1 Museum - NYC 
1991Painting into the 90's - Galerie Pierre Huber - Geneva, Switzerland 
1990Group Exhibition - Lorence-Monk Gallery - New York, New York 
1988Color Alone, The Monochrome Experiment - Musee St. Pierre - Lyon, France 
1986Hayes, Marioni, Moore, Umberg, Young - Lorence-Monk Gallery - New York, NY 
1985Abstract/ Issues - 47 West 57 Street / Steven Madoff, curator - New York, New York th 
1984Radical Painting - Williams College Art Museum - Williamstown, Massachusetts 
1983New Abstraction - Sidney Janis Gallery - New York, New York 
1982Color: Four Painters - Oscarsson Hood Gallery - New York, New York 
1981New Directions / Sam Hunter, curator - Sidney Janis Gallery - New York, New York 
19807 Young American Painters - Sidney Janis Gallery - New York, New York 
1979From Allan to Zucker - Texas Gallery - Houston, Texas 
1978Inaugural Exhibition - Miami University Art Museum - Oxford, Ohio 
1977The American Foundation for the Arts - Miami, Florida 
1977Paintings 75-76-77 - Sarah Lawrence College - New York, New York 
1975Drawing Invitational - Cincinnati Art Museum - Cincinnati, Ohio 
1975Group Exhibition - Texas Gallery / Gary Stephans, curator - Houston, Texas 
1973New Talent - Four Painters - O.K. Harris - New York, New York